Voluntary nonprofit enterprise management


Voluntary nonprofit enterprise management

David E. Mason

(Nonprofit management and finance)

Plenum Press, c1984

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My values, attitudes, and behaviors, like those of most Americans, have been profoundly influenced by not-for-profit enterprises. My parents were students in one when they met. I was born in one. I learned about God in one, my ABCs in another, how to make a fire and tie knots in another, how to play ball and be part of a team in another, and I met my first girlfriend in another. I prepared for my career at a not-for-profit university, met my wife at a not-for-profit church, went on to several not-for-profit graduate schools, joined numerous not-for-profit profes- sional and special interest groups, brought two newly born sons horne from not-for-profit hospitals. I read magazines published by several of them, sail Cj. nd hunt with their members, and when I vote I consider a variety of their admonitions. Voluntary not-for-profit enterprises have been molding and shaping me as long as I have been alive, and they will even be represented at my funeral. Therefore, it seems only fair that I should help to shape some of them. I have been at that task for some time now-Ieading seminars, consulting, writing, and serving on boards and committees. This book is an outgrowth of what I have learned through formal study, observation and analysis, and personal experience in more than half the states of the union and many foreign nations.


1. Voluntarism.- 2. A Distinctive Management Approach.- 3. Management Measurability and the Immeasurable.- 4. Distinctive Purposes.- 5. The Volunteer Tool.- 6. Dual Internal Systems.- 7. A Constituency.- 8. Money Matters.- 9. Special Legal Status.- 10. Profit and Loss.- 11. Politics and Diplomacy.- 12. Multiple Purposes.- 13. Distinctive Social Character.- 14. Boundless Resources.- 15. Staggering Consumption.- 16. The Complexity of Voluntary Enterprises.- 17. Where Do You Go from Here?.- References.

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