Reconstructive knee surgery


Reconstructive knee surgery

editor, Douglas W. Jackson ; illustrator, Christy Krames

(Master techniques in orthopaedic surgery)

Raven Press, c1995

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This volume presents the most advanced and successful techniques for reconstructive knee surgery. The book is written by leading surgeons who discuss each surgical procedure as if they were working side by side with the reader - explaining the indications and rationale for the procedure, giving step-by-step instructions on technique, identifying pitfalls and potential complications, and offering tips for improving surgical results. For each procedure, every chapter covers: indications / contraindications, preoperative planning and patient evaluation, patient positioning and draping, specific surgical approaches and exposures, step-by-step account of surgical procedure, postoperative management, expected results, rehabilitation, possible complications and their management. This volume is illustrated with full-colour intraoperative photographs, as well as drawings and radiographs.


  • Operating room environment, Peter R. Kurzweil and Lois C. McCauley. Part 1 Extensor mechanism - patellofemoral problems: arthroscopic lateral release of the patella with electrocautery, Seth I. Gasser and Douglas W. Jackson
  • anteromedial tibial tubercle transfer, John P. Fulkerson
  • patellectomy, Christopher S. Proctor and Dougles W. Jackson. Part 2 Meniscus surgery: meniscus repair - the outside-in technique, Lanny L. Johnson
  • meniscus repair - the inside-out technique, Mark F. Money and Thomas D. Rosenberg
  • meniscus repair - the all-inside arthroscopic technique, Craig D. Morgan. Part 3 Ligament injuries and instability: anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Douglas W. Jackson and Peter R. Kurzweil
  • arthroscopic-assisted posterior cruciate ligament repair/reconstruction, Mark F. Mooney and Lonnie E. Paulos
  • posterolateral corner collateral ligament reconstruction, William G. Clancy et al
  • surgical and reconstructive technique for knee dislocations, Michael J. Maynard and Russell F. Warren
  • high tibial posteotomy in knees with associated chronic ligament deficiencies, Frank R. Noyes and Craig S. Roberts. Part 4 Intraarticular fractures of the tibia and patella: arthroscopic management of intraarticular tibial fractures, Jerome E. Jennings
  • arthroscopically-assisted fixation of patella fractures, Peter R. Kurzweil
  • open reduction internal fixation of intraarticular fractures of the tibia, Robert C. Schenck, Jr and James D. Heckman. Part 5 Articular cartilage and synovium: arthroscopic chondroplasty, J. Whit Ewing
  • osteochondritis dissecans, S. Terry Canale
  • arthroscopic synovectomy, Dinesh Patel et al.

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