Complex dynamical systems : the mathematics behind the Mandelbrot and Julia sets


Complex dynamical systems : the mathematics behind the Mandelbrot and Julia sets

Robert L. Devaney, editor

(Proceedings of symposia in applied mathematics, v. 49 . AMS short course lecture notes)

American Mathematical Society, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index

"Lecture notes prepared for the American Mathematical Society Short Course, Complex Dynamical Systems Held in Cincinnati, Ohio January 10-11, 1994" -- T.p. verso



In the last fifteen years, the Mandelbrot set has emerged as one of the most recognizable objects in mathematics. While there is no question of its beauty, relatively few people appreciate the fact that the mathematics behind such images is equally beautiful. This book presents lectures delivered during the AMS Short Course entitled 'Complex Dynamical Systems: The Mathematics Behind the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets', held at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Cincinnati in January 1994.The lectures cover a wide range of topics, including the classical work of Julia and Fatou on local dynamics of analytic maps as well as recent work on the dynamics of quadratic and cubic polynomials, the geometry of Julia sets, and the structure of various parameter spaces. Among the other topics are recent results on Yoccoz puzzles and tableaux, limiting dynamics near parabolic points, the spider algorithm, extensions of the theory to rational maps, Newton's method, and entire transcendental functions. Much of the book is accessible to anyone with a background in the basics of dynamical systems and complex analysis.


The complex dynamics of quadratic polynomials by R. L. Devaney Puzzles and para-puzzles of quadratic and cubic polynomials by B. Branner Julia sets of rational maps by L. Keen Does a Julia set depend continuously on the polynomial? by A. Douady The dynamics of Newton's method by P. Blanchard The spider algorithm by J. H. Hubbard and D. Schleicher Complex dynamics and entire functions by R. L. Devaney.

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