The power of relationship marketing : how to keep customers for life


The power of relationship marketing : how to keep customers for life

Tony Cram

Pitman, 1994

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Tony Cram's first book, published 1994 and reprinted 1996, addresses a priority issue: how you leverage the benefit of relationships to create superior customer retention. More and more organisations are recognising that succcess depends above all, on getting and keeping the right customers. To do this marketing efforts should be centred on lasting relationships rather than closing the one-off sale. Seeing the importance of long-term customer retention is easy - but putting it into practice is more difficult. The Power of Relationship Marketing meets the need for a practical guide to the implementation of relationship marketing. Packed with examples and advice it follows a pattern of seven steps Loyal staff - the 6 benefits of staff continuity plus a practical approach to inspiring and harnessing staff loyalty Loyal customers - a new customer segmentation based on predisposition to loyalty with 12 key indicators Learning organisation - understanding, responding to needs plus three ways to anticipte market trends Relationship pricing - customer based pricing: three golden rules for relationshp pricing Interactive communications - contact strategies including 14 strategies to boost word of mouth marketing Staff training - service excellence through role models and legends, how to create lasting impressions Relationship management - five skills to build commitment and strategies keep on track These seven steps help marketers understand, plan and execute their relationship strategies

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