Keywords in evolutionary biology


Keywords in evolutionary biology

edited by Evelyn Fox Keller and Elisabeth A. Lloyd

Harvard University Press, 1994

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In science, more than elsewhere, a word is expected to mean what it says, nothing more, nothing less. But scientific discourse is neither different nor separable from ordinary language--meanings are multiple, ambiguities ubiquitous. Keywords in Evolutionary Biology grapples with this problem in a field especially prone to the confusion engendered by semantic imprecision. Written by historians, philosophers, and biologists--including, among others, Stephen Jay Gould, Diane Paul, John Beatty, Robert Richards, Richard Lewontin, David Sloan Wilson, Peter Bowler, and Richard Dawkins--these essays identify and explicate those terms in evolutionary biology which, though commonly used, are plagues by multiple concurrent and historically varying meanings. By clarifying these terms in their many guises, the editors Evelyn Fox Keller and Elisabeth Lloyd hope to focus attention on major scholarly problems in the field--problems sometimes obscured, sometimes reveals, and sometimes even created by the use of such equivocal words. "Competition," "adaptation," and "fitness," for instance, are among the terms whose multiple meaning have led to more than merely semantic debates in evolutionary biology. Exploring the complexity of keywords and clarifying their role in prominent issues in the field, this book will prove invaluable to scientists and philosophers trying to come to terms with evolutionary theory; it will also serve as a useful guide to future research into the way in which scientific language works.


Acknowledgments Contributors Introduction Evelyn Fox Keller and Elisabeth A. Lloyd ADAPTATION: Historical Perspectives Richard M. Burian ADAPTATION: Current Usages Mary Jane West-Eberhard ALTRUISM: Theoretical Contexts Alexander Rosenberg ALTRUISM: Contemporary Debates David Sloan Wilson and Lee A. Dugatkin ALTRUISM: Some Theoretical Ambiguities Marcy K. Uyenoyama and Marcus W. Feldman CHARACTER: Historical Perspectives Lindley Darden CHARACTER: Current Usages Kurt Fristrup COMMUNITY Peter Taylor COMPETITION: Historical Perspectives Robert McIntosh COMPETITION: Current Usages Evelyn Fox Keller DARWINISM Michael Ruse ENVIRONMENT Robert N. Brandon EPISTASIS Michael J. Wade EUGENICS Daniel J. Kevles EVOLUTION Robert J. Richards EXTINCTION John Damuth FITNESS: Historical Perspectives Diane Paul FITNESS: Theoretical Contexts John Beatty FITNESS: Reproductive Ambiguities Evelyn Fox Keller GENE: Historical Perspectives Jane Maienschein GENE: Current Usages Philip Kitcher GENETIC LOAD James F. Crow GENOTYPE AND PHENOTYPE Richard C. Lewontin GROUP SELECTION David Sloan Wilson HERITABILITY: Historical Perspectives Michael J. Wade HERITABILITY: Some Theoretical Ambiguities Marcus W. Feldman HETEROCHRONY Stephen Jay Gould HETEROSIS Diane Paul HOMOLOGY Michael J. Donoghue INDIVIDUAL David L. Hull LAMARCKISM Peter J. Bowler MACROMUTATION Michael R. Dietrich MONOPHYLY Elliott Sober MUTUALISM AND COOPERATION Douglas H. Boucher NATURAL SELECTION: Historical Perspectives M. J. S. Hodge NATURAL SELECTION: Current Usages John A. Endler NEUTRALISM Motoo Kimura NICHE: Historical Perspectives James R. Griesemer NICHE: A Bifurcation in the Conceptual Lineage of the Term Robert K. Colwell PARSIMONY Elliott Sober PHENOTYPIC PLASTICITY Deborah M. Gordon PROGRESS Richard Dawkins RANDOM DRIFT John Beatty RESOURCE Peter Abrams SEXUAL SELECTION: Historical Perspectives Helena Cronin SEXUAL SELECTION: Contemporary Debates Hamish G. Spencer and Judith C. Masters SPECIES: Historical Perspectives Peter F. Stevens SPECIES: Theoretical Contexts John Dupre SPECIES: Current Usages Mary B. Williams TELEOLOGY James G. Lennox UNIT OF SELECTION Elisabeth A. Lloyd References Index

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