Interpersonal perception : a social relations analysis


Interpersonal perception : a social relations analysis

David A. Kenny ; foreword by Harry T. Reis

(Distinguished contributions in psychology)

Guilford Press, c1994

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Bibliography: p. 251-263

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David A. Kenny's pioneering contribution takes a social relations approach to basic questions of person perception in social interaction. Enlightening and provocative, this volume provides a comprehensive theoretical overview of "interpersonal perception," a field of research that holds great promise for shedding light on social behavior. Blending meticulous analysis with thoughtful interpretation, the book demonstrates how interpersonal perception enhances the traditional study of person perception by capturing the richness of social behavior. This unique volume is invaluable reading for all social scientists interested in person perception.


Preface. Introduction. The Traditional Research Paradigm. Types of Perception. Research Evidence. Overview of the Book. Summary. Part 2. A Methodology for the Study of Interpersonal Perception. Introduction to the Social Relations Model. Illustrations. Design and Analysis Considerations. Correlations within the Social Relations Model. The Social Relations Model and Interpersonal Perception. Basic Statistics. Summary. Part 3. Assimilation. Response Set Interpretation of Assimilation. Stereotype Interpretation of Assimilation. Assimilation as the Group Stereotype. Ingroup and Outgroup Perceptions. Summary. Part 4. Consensus. Historical Review. The Measurement of Consensus. Empirical Review. A General Model of Consensus: WAM. General Discussion. Conclusion. Part 5. Uniqueness. Uniqueness versus Assimilation and Consensus. Affect versus Other-Perception. Interpretation of the Relationship Effect. Relationship Effect as Idiosyncratic Perception. Mathematical Specification. Summary. Acquaintance. Summary. Part 6. Reciprocity and Assumed Reciprocity. Reciprocity of Liking Judgments. Reciprocity of Trait Judgments: Generalized Reciprocity. Assumed Reciprocity. Conclusion. Part 7. Target Accuracy. Historical Survey. Second Wave of Accuracy Research. Criterion Measurement. Examples of Accuracy Research. Accuracy and WAM. Summary. Part 8. Meta-Perception. Theoretical Review. When Are Meta-Perceptions Accurate? Meta-Perception as Self-Perception. Social Relations Model. Research Evidence. Theoretical Integration. Conclusion. Part 9. Self-Perception. Theories of Self-Perception. Mean Level of Self-versus Other-Perception. Assumed Similarity. Self-Other Agreement. Relative Validity of Peer and Self-Ratings. Moderators of the Self-Other Agreement. Theories of Self-Other Agreement. Variability in Self-Ratings. Conclusion. Part 10. Concluding Comments. Summary of Results. WAM. The Social Relations Model. Notational System. Behavior and Perception. Postscript. References. Appendix A: Study Descriptions. Appendix B: Statistical Details of the Social Relations Model. Appendix C: The Weighted Average Model of Perception.

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