Women of color : integrating ethnic and gender identities in psychotherapy


Women of color : integrating ethnic and gender identities in psychotherapy

edited by Lillian Comas-Díaz, Beverly Greene ; forewords by Jean Baker Miller, Elaine Pinderhughes

Guilford Press, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Comprehensively addresses mental health issues relevant to women of color and presents guidelines for state-of-the-art treatment. Chapters illustrate the interaction of gender and ethnicity in mental health theory and practice, and discuss how cultural relevance and gender sensitivity can and must be incorporated into clinical work. Inclusive in its approach and rich with illustrative case examples, Women of Color covers issues that affect both familiar and frequently overlooked groups of women, including lesbians, professional women, mixed-race women, battered women, and refugee women.


Forewords, Jean Baker Miller and Elaine Pinderhughes I. WOMEN OF COLOR: A PORTRAIT OF HETEROGENEITY. Overview: An Ethnocultural Mosaic, Comas-Diaz and Greene 1. African American Women, Greene 2. American Indian Women, LaFromboise, Berman, and Sohi 3. Asian and Asian American Women: Historical and Political Considerations in Psychotherapy, Bradshaw 4. Latinas, Vasquez 5. West Indian Women: The Jamaican Woman, Brice-Baker 6. Women of the Indian Subcontinent, Jayakar II. THEORETICAL AND APPLIED FRAMEWORKS. Overview: Gender and Ethnicity in the Healing Process, Comas-Diaz and Greene 7. Psychodynamic Approaches, Chin 8. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches, Lewis 9. Family Therapy: A Closer Look at African American and Hispanic Women, Boyd-Franklin and Garcia-Preto 10. Feminist Approaches, Espi'n 11. An Integrative Approach, Comas-Diaz 12. Psychopharmacology, Jacobsen III. THE LABYRINTH OF DIVERSITY: SPECIAL POPULATIONS OF WOMEN OF COLOR Overview: Connections and Disconnections, Comas-Diaz and Greene 13. Women of Color with Professional Status, Comas-Diaz and Greene 14. Lesbian Women of Color: Triple Jeopardy, Greene 15. Women of Color in Battering Relationships, Kanuha 16. Mixed Race Women, Root 17. Southeast Asian American Refugee Women, Tien

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