Organizational aspects of health informatics : managing technological change


Organizational aspects of health informatics : managing technological change

Nancy M. Lorenzi, Robert T. Riley

(Computers in health care)

Springer-Verlag, c1995

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This volume teaches effective management strategies for preparing health care organizations and their staff for technological change, as well as strategies for managing the altered organization once the new information systems are in place. Topics include: stress and change management in implementing health informatics; operating in different organizational structures; determining the strategic direction; critical issue in project planning and management; change management for successful implementation; negotiating the political minefields; the critical role of leaders and leadership; preparing people for new technologies; building effective teams of health professionals; evaluating project success; and managing the altered organization.


  • Section I: Health Care, Organizations, and Informative
  • 1. What's the Problem?
  • 2. Stress and Change Management in Implementing Health Informatics
  • 3. Today's Health Care Environment
  • Section II: Organizational Issues
  • 4. Operating in Different Organizational Structures
  • 5. Preparing the Organization for Change
  • 6. Determining the Strategic Direction
  • 7. Some Critical Issues in Project Planning and Management
  • 8. Change Management for Successful Implementation
  • 9. Negotiating the Political Minefields
  • Section III: People Issues
  • 10. The Critical Role of Leaders and Leadership
  • 11. Preparing the Staff for New Techniques
  • 12. Building Effective Teams of Health Professionals
  • 13. Managing Personal Stress
  • Section IV: Managing the Project End Stages
  • 14. Dealing with End Stage People Issues
  • 15. Evaluating Project Success
  • 16. Managing the Altered Organization
  • Section V: Future Issues
  • 17. Organizational and Personal Preparation for the Future
  • Index.

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