Politics in Canada : culture, institutions, behaviour and public policy


Politics in Canada : culture, institutions, behaviour and public policy

Robert J. Jackson, Doreen Jackson

Prentice-Hall Canada, 1994

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Appropriate for introductory courses in Canadian politics at the university level. The new edition of this award-winning text offers students a comprehensive introduction to Canadian politics within a comparative global context. It has been updated to include information up to and including the federal election of 1993. The authors structure the parts around four key political concepts - culture, institutions, behaviour, and public policy. There is substantial material on patronage and conflict of interest, and on the structure and role of the courts. Important issues such as women in politics, Canada's international peacekeeping role, Canada-U.S. relations, free trade, constitutional affairs, and policy-making in this age of budgetry restraint also receive significant treatment.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. The Canadian Heritage: A Comparative Perspective. 2. The Canadian Nation-State: History and Development. II. CULTURE. 3. Political Culture: The Fabric of Society. 4. Political Socialization: Acquiring Political Orientations. III. INSTITUTIONS. 5. The Foundations of Constitutional Order: From the B.N.A. Act to the Canada Act. 6. Dimensions of Federalism: Authorities and Divided Loyalties. 7. The Inner Circle: Policy-Making At The Centre. 8. Legislative Politics: Symbolism or Power? 9. The Public Service and the Administrative Process: Bureaucracy and Democracy. IV. POLITICAL BEHAVIOR. 10. Political Parties: Agents of Representation. 11. Elections and Electoral Behaviour: The Voice of the People. 12. Interest Groups: Lobbying, Patronage and Public Policy. V. PUBLIC POLICY. 13. Public Policy and Policy-Making: Theories and Current Realities. 14. Foreign and Defence Policy: Canada in the World. Appendix I: A Consolidation of the Constitution Act 1867 to 1982. Index.

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