Phenomenology of the cultural disciplines


Phenomenology of the cultural disciplines

edited by Mano Daniel and Lester Embree

(Contributions to phenomenology, 16)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Phenomenology of the Cultural Disciplines is an interdisciplinary study, reflecting the recent emergence of various particular forms of `phenomenological philosophy of ...'. Included are such fields as psychology, social sciences and history, as well as environmental philosophy, ethnic studies, religion and even more practical disciplines, such as medicine, psychiatry, politics, and technology. The Introduction provides a way of understanding how these various developments are integrated. On the basis of a Husserlian notion of culture, it proposes a generic concept of `cultural disciplines' (which is broader than but inclusive of `human sciences') which subsumes the more specific concepts of `cultural sciences', `axiotic disciplines' (e.g. architecture), and `practical disciplines'.


  • Introduction: Reflection on the Cultural Disciplines
  • L. Embree. 1. Phenomenology and the Clinical Event
  • R. Zaner. 2. Phenomenology and Cognitive Science
  • O. Wiggins. 3. The Body as Cultural Object/The Body as Pan-Cultural Universal
  • M. Sheets-Johnstone. 4. Connectionism and Phenomenology
  • T. Nenon. 5. The Other Culture
  • J.N. Mohanty. 6. Cultural Logics and the Search for National Identities
  • A. Mickunas. 7. Philosophy and Ecological Crisis
  • U. Melle. 8. Phenomenology and Ecofeminism
  • D. Marietta. 9. Ethnic Studies as Multi-Discipline and Phenomenology
  • S.M. Lyman, L. Embree. 10. Technology and Cultural Revenge
  • D. Ihde. 11. The Study of Religion in Husserl's Writings
  • J. Hart. 12. Biography as a Cultural Discipline
  • M. Daniel. 13. Alfred Schutz and the Project of Phenomenological Social Theory
  • D. Carr. Index of Names. Index of Topics.

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