Handbook of college teaching : theory and applications


Handbook of college teaching : theory and applications

edited by Keith W. Prichard and R. McLaran Sawyer

(The Greenwood educators' reference collection)

Greenwood Press, 1994

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Bibliography: p. [451]-454

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Colleges are becoming increasingly concerned with the quality of undergraduate instruction, and faculty are devoting more attention to improving their teaching skills. This volume will help college faculty improve their performance in the classroom. The book contains useful theoretical information on the learning styles of college students, and it presents practical information on how to teach courses in particular disciplines. The chapter authors are widely recognized as master teachers. The information at the beginning of the book summarizes and evaluates current research in cognitive psychology and student learning styles. The bulk of the volume then provides practical information on college teaching. A set of chapters stresses the advantages of different instructional methods, while other chapters are devoted to teaching particular disciplines in the arts and sciences. The book also presents information on related issues, such as working with at-risk students, classroom management, textbook selection, and grading. This professional reference will be an indispensable tool for college professors in all disciplines.


Introduction Psychological Foundations for Teaching and Learning The College Classroom from the Perspective of Cognitive Psychology by Roger H. Bruning Student Motivation in the College Classroom by Paul R. Pintrich Student and Faculty Epistemology in the College Classroom: The Perry Schema of Intellectual and Ethical Development by William S. Moore Student Personality Factors: Psychological Type and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator by Thomas G. Carskadon Methods of College Instruction The Lecture Method by William J. Ekeler Classroom Discussions by Peter J. Frederick Workshop Methods by William Frank Jones Team Teaching Methods by Barbara Leigh Smith Team Learning: Making a Case for the Small Group Option by Larry K. Michaelson The Laboratory Classroom by William H. Leonard Case Method Teaching by Roy A. Weaver, Theodore J. Kowalski, and Joan E. Pflaller Tutorials and Independent Study as Methods of Instruction by Anthony S. Abbot Field Trips as a Teaching Method by Michael F. Follo Television Teaching: Course Reconfiguration Guidelines by Thomas E. Cyrs Teaching Specific Academic Areas Teaching Biology by Ellen Fitzsimmons Porzig Chemistry Education: Context, Theory, and Practice by Mary Virginia Orna Teaching English, the Canon, and the Sophomore Survey by Robert L. Patten Teaching Ethnic Studies by Arnold Cooper Teaching French in a Liberal Arts Setting by Lauren W. Yoder Teaching History by Gerald N. Izenberg Teaching Mathematics in a State University by William James Lewis Teaching Physics at a Liberal Arts College: Creativity, Appreciation, and Delight by Robert B. Prigo Teaching Psychology: The Promise of Polarities by Martin M. Chemers and Barbara K. Goza Teaching Women's Studies by Caryn McTighe Musl Special Problems that Confront the Undergraduate Faculty Member--Classroom Settings and Student Personnel Teaching Large Classes (How to Do It Well and Remain Sane) by Karron G. Lewis Teaching Small Classes by Glenn R. Erickson and Bettle LaSere Erickson Students In and Out of the Classroom by Sara A. Boatman Dealing with Troublesome Behaviors in the Classroom by Mary Deane Sorcinelli Students at Risk for Academic Failure: Learning to Learn Classes by Claire E. Weinstein Instructional Considerations for College Students with Disabilities by Jay W. Rojewski and John W. Schell The Job of Being College Instructor Classroom Management and Organization by Ruby D. Higgins Textbook Selection: Watch Out for "Inconsiderate" Texts by Daniel H. Robinson Tips for Tests and Test Giving by Victoria L. Clegy Grading Student Achievement by Delivee L. Wright Selected Bibliography Index

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