Project finance in Europe


Project finance in Europe

edited by Haydn Shaughnessy

(Business boundaries)

J. Wiley, c1995

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The European Community has undergone profound changes in recent years, and the resulting impact in the business community has been irreversible, making it essential for the modern manager to be aware of the new opportunities and threats that now exist. Describing how the nature of financial options has altered due to these changes, this study examines areas such as new sources of project finance, the changing criteria of large project financing institutions, the most popular financing techniques and cross-border projects. It also looks at Russian privatization, emerging markets and the distribution of resources across the EC. It will assist managers in companies of any size to understand the nature of project financing in the new Europe, and therefore anticipate the requirements of project finance institutions.


The Current Market for Project Finance in Europe (H. Mingay). Project Finance, European Infrastructure Priorities and EU Funding (H. Shaughnessy). Public-Private Investment Partnerships (J. Garwood). Credit Ratings for Project Finance (T. Connell). Infrastructure Financing in the Mid- to Late-90sNew Directions and Perspectives (A. Churchill). The Municipal Revenue Bond Market in the United States (J. Eddy). Capital Leasing in Project Finance (P. Bull). The European Investment Bank's Medium-Term Priorities (A. McDonaugh). Environmental Liability and Project Finance (G. Haley). Financial Risk Distribution in Build, Operate and Transfer Projects (H. Payne).

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