Budgeting, policy, politics : an appreciation of Aaron Wildavsky


Budgeting, policy, politics : an appreciation of Aaron Wildavsky

edited by Naomi Caiden & Joseph White

Transaction Publishers, c1995

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Also published as the Spring 1994 issue of Public budgeting and finance, vol. 14, no. 1

Includes bibliographical references



Aaron Wildavsky was one of the most innovative and prolific scholars in the field of budgeting in our time. His work spanned a period of more than forty years, and its perspectives encompassed not only budgeting in the United States, but also its comparative and historical dimensions. As a leading political scientist, his research also ranged into American political institutions, public policy analysis, leadership, and biblical studies. This book pays tribute to Aaron Wildavsky by explicating his life and work, with emphasis on his contributions to the field of public budgeting and finance.Larry Jones and Jerry McCaffery place Wildavsky's work within the context of previous work on budgeting. They show how some of the highlights of his immense output responded to and shaped questions in the field. Naomi Caiden reviews the way in which Wildavsky used budgeting as a window into other areas of politics. Richard Rose discusses how an American scholar became an internationally known one. Joseph White goes back to the beginning of Aaron's career and shows that budgeting in agencies and in Congress is still incremental for very powerful reasons. Allen Schick reviews the history of the federal budget process, brilliantly summarizing how much has changed.The festschrift poignantly assesses the significance and influence of Aaron Wildavsky's work. It also includes some excerpts from Wildavsky's own writings in this area, and experiences of those who collaborated with him. In acknowledging Wildavsky's contributions to public budgeting and political science, this book also makes an original contribution to the field. It will be a necessary addition to the libraries of political scientists, economists, policymakers, not to mention all those who admired Aaron Wildavsky and his work.

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