Countries and concepts : an introduction to comparative politics


Countries and concepts : an introduction to comparative politics

Michael G. Roskin

Prentice Hall, c1995

5th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text on comparative politics takes a country-by-country approach, providing students with an historical background pertinent to current political events. It includes election results from Germany and Brazil, as well as five new chapters on Japan. The material on Russia has been updated to include coverage of the difficulties facing the new reformist democracy, its possibility of failure, and the reasons underlying the collapse of Communism. It is designed for courses in comparative politics in departments of Political Science.


What to Look For. PART 1. GREAT BRITAIN. Britain: The Impact of the Past. Britain: The Key Institutions. British Political Attitudes. Britain: Patterns of Interaction. What Britons Quarrel About. PART 2. FRANCE. France: The Impact of the Past. France: The Key Institutions. French Political Attitudes. France: Patterns of Interaction. What the French Quarrel About. PART 3. GERMANY. Germany: The Impact of the Past. Germany: The Key Institutions. German Political Attitudes. Germany: Patterns of Interaction. What Germans Quarrel About. PART 4. RUSSIA. Russia: The Impact of the Past. Russia: The Key Institutions. Russian Political Attitudes. Russia: Patterns of Interaction. What Russians Quarrel About. PART 5. JAPAN. Japan: Impact of the Past. Japan: The Key Institutions. Japanese Political Attitudes. Japan: Patterns of Interaction. What Japanese Quarrel About. PART 6. THE THIRD WORLD. China. Brazil. South Africa. Lessons of Eight Countries.

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