The proverbial Winston S. Churchill : an index to proverbs in the works of Sir Winston Churchill


The proverbial Winston S. Churchill : an index to proverbs in the works of Sir Winston Churchill

compiled by Wolfgang Mieder and George B. Bryan

(Bibliographies and indexes in world history, no. 38)

Greenwood Press, 1995

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Winston S. Churchill often used proverbs in his many speeches, correspondence, and other writings. This book is a detailed index to proverbs in his works. An introductory essay explores the importance of proverbs in Churchill's writings. The essay is followed by an index to proverbs, based on the most significant key-word. Each entry cites the source of the proverb in an edition of Chruchill's works and provides a reference to standard proverb dictionaries for future information. Winston S. Churchill's leading role on the 20th-century world stage is perhaps better documented than that of any other participant. He is the subject of the most extensive biography yet written, and all his speeches, many of his occasional writings, and much of his correspondence have been published. Proverbs figure prominently in his work, and this book provides a detailed index to the many proverbs Churchill used in his voluminous writings. The book begins with an introductory essay that discusses and analyzes the importance of proverbs in Churchill's works. The bulk of the volume is a key-word index to the occurrence of proverbs in his writings, with the proverbs arranged according to the most significant word in the text. The quotation from Churchill is accompanied by a citation to the source in one of the editions of his works consulted. Each entry also provides a reference to a standard proverb dictionary, which the readers may consult to learn more about the history of the proverb. Appendices overview the frequency and distribution of proverbs in Churchill's writings.


Preface How to Use This Book Winston S. Churchill and the Proverb Churchill Editions Consulted Key-Word Index to Winston S. Churchill's Proverbs, Proverbial Expressions, and Proverbial Comparisons Appendix Table I: Distribution in Individual Volumes Table II: Distribution in Comprehensive Volumes Table III: Frequency of Proverbial Texts

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