Dinosaur systematics : approaches and perspectives



Dinosaur systematics : approaches and perspectives

edited by Kenneth Carpenter and Philip J. Currie

Cambridge University Press, 1992

1st pbk. ed

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Papers from the Dinosaur Systematics Symposium, held June 3-5, 1986, at the Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Drumheller, Alberta

Includes bibliographical references and index



In recent years dinosaurs have captured the attention of the public at an unprecedented scale. At the heart of this resurgence in popular interest is an increased level of research activity, much of which is innovative in the field of palaeontology. For instance, whereas earlier palaeontological studies emphasized basic morphologic description and taxonomic classification, modern studies attempt to examine the role and nature of dinosaurs as living animals. More than ever before, we understand how these extinct species functioned, behaved, interacted with each other and the environment, and evolved. Nevertheless, these studies rely on certain basic building blocks of knowledge, including facts about dinosaur anatomy and taxonomic relationships. One of the purposes of this volume is to unravel some of the problems surrounding dinosaur systematics and to increase our understanding of dinosaurs as a biological species. Dinosaur Systematics presents a current overview of dinosaur systematics using various examples to explore what is a species in a dinosaur, what separates genders in dinosaurs, what morphological changes occur with maturation of a species, and what morphological variations occur within a species.


  • List of contributors
  • Foreword: Charles Mortran Sternberg and the Alberta Dinosaurs L. S. Russell
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction: On systematics and morphological variation K. Carpenter and P. J. Currie
  • Part I. Methods: Clades and grades in ornithischian systematics P. A. Sereno
  • 2. Shape analysis in the study of dinosaur morphology R. E. Chapman
  • Part II. Sauropodomorpha: Morphometric study of Plateosaurus from Trossingen D. B. Weishampel and R. E. Chapman
  • 3. Species determination in Sauropod Dinosaurs with tentative suggestions for their classification J. S. McIntosh
  • Part III. Theropods: Variation in theory and in theropods R. E. Molnar
  • Variation in Coelophysis bauri E. H. Colbert
  • 4. Morphological variation in small theropods and its meaning in systematics: evidence from Syntarsus rhodesiensis of the Early Jurassic M. A. Raath
  • 5. Therapod teeth from the Judith River Formation of southern Alberta, Canada P. J. Currie, J. K. Rigby and R. E. Sloan
  • 6. The systematic position of Baryonyx walkeri A. J. Charig and A. C. Milner
  • 7. Variation in Tyrannosaurus Rex K. Carpenter
  • Part IV. Footprints: A name for the trace of an act: approaches to the nomenclature and classification of fossil vertebrate footprints W. A. S. Sarjeant
  • Part V. Summary and Prospectus: P. J. Currie and K. Carpenter.

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