Automation and robotics in construction X : proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC), Houston, Texas, U.S.A., 24-26 May, 1993


    • International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction
    • Watson, George H.
    • Walters, Jewell K.


Automation and robotics in construction X : proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC), Houston, Texas, U.S.A., 24-26 May, 1993

edited by George H. Watson, Richard L. Tucker, Jewell K. Walters

Elsevier, 1993

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"Organized by the Construction Industry Institute."--T.p

Includes bibliographical references



Recent accomplishments and visions for the future in the practical applications of construction robots and automated systems are reviewed in the 71 papers in this volume. The experience of specialists is brought together on a wide range of activities that employ common analytical and experimental methods in their estimation of automated construction planning. The results of the meeting should be of interest worldwide, and are intended to help stimulate future research and analysis in this field.


1A. Examples of Building Systems. Study on simulation for roof pushup construction method (M. Morita et al.). A lift up intelligent control system (T. Tezuka. H. Takada). 1B. Economic and Management Issues - A. Analysis of the development and application of automation technology in building production (Y. Hirabayashi). Lean production in construction (L. Koskela). 1C. Working Examples of Finishing Operations - A. A robot for levelling and compaction of concrete (Y. Alvarsson, L. Molina). A system of vertically sliding and installing exterior curtain walls of a building (M. Iwamoto et al.). 2A. Innovative Control of Construction Machinery. Generic crane and hoist automation with the application of advanced control architectures (N.A. Armstrong et al.). Safety critical systems for robot excavation (L. Zharig et al.). 2B. Economic and Management Issues - B. Technology strategy for construction automation (K.D. Hampson, C.B. Tatum). SIMBASE: A decision support system for economic justification of automated construction technology (J-J. Rho et al.). 2C. Working Examples of Finishing Operations - S. Construction cladding joining methods: A guide to design for automatic assembly (B. Atkin et al.). An experiment in semi-automated spray fireproofing (I. Uchizaki, Y. Uchida). 3A. Machines That Climb Building Exteriors. Propeller type wall-climbing robot for inspection use (A. Nishi, H. Miyagi). A sensor based autonomous climbing vehicle for unstructured environments (R.N. Bevan et al.). 3B. Now Models for Construction Automation. Graphical site simulation using an object oriented CAD model (T. Aoki et al.). Path planning and sensing for an experimental masonry building robot (D. Chamberlain et al.). 3C. Working Examples in Roadway Construction. Research on components of underground excavation robot (K. Homma et al.). Development of a robot asphalt paver (R. Umeda et al.). 4A. Designs and Tests of Large-Scale Manipulators. Design of a machine which rotates hoist elements around its vertical axis (F.J.M. van Gassel). An evaluation of the pipe manipulator performance in a material handling yard (Y.T. Hsieh et al.). 4B. New Approaches to Automated Construction Planning - A. Robot oriented modular construction system - Part 11: Design and logistics (H. Kurita et al.). Automated access planning on construction sites: An expert GIS approach (K. Varghese, J.T. O'Connor). 4C. Working Examples in Heavy Construction - A. Air force construction automation / robotics (A.D. Nease, E.F. Alexander). Robotic rock handling during backhoe excavation (X.D. Huang, L.E. Bernold). 5A. Development in Robotic Systems. Images of the future development of automated construction technology (K. Arai). Feasibility analysis of robotized vs manual performance of interior finishing tasks (A. Warszawski, Y. Rosenfeld). 5B. New Approaches to Automated Construction Planning. Part contents

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