The crest of the peacock : non-European roots of mathematics

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The crest of the peacock : non-European roots of mathematics

George Gheverghese Joseph

(Penguin books, . Penguin mathematics)

Penguin, 1990

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Includes bibliography (p. 349-357) and index

Description and Table of Contents


Most westerners are unaware of the heritage of non-Western mathematics. This book suggests that humans everywhere have been capable of advanced and innovative mathematical thinking. The Greeks were influenced by the Egyptians and Babylonians; the Arabs made a major creative contribution; and the great civilizations of India and China have a range of successes to their credit. Beginning with the Ishango Bone of central Africa and the Inca quipu of South America, the book continues to the dawn of modern mathematics, questioning familiar assumptions and enlarging the meaning of mathematics.

Table of Contents

  • The history of mathematics - alternative perspectives
  • mathematics from bones, strings, and standing stones
  • the beginnings of written mathematics - Egypt
  • the beginnings of written mathematics - Babylonia
  • Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics - an assessment
  • special topics in Chinese mathematics
  • ancient Indian mathematics
  • Indian mathematics - the classical period and after
  • prelude to modern mathematics - the Arab contribution.

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