Time and space : a basic reader


Time and space : a basic reader

Michael Connelly and Jean Sims

Prentice Hall Regents, c1990

2nd ed

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Bibliography: p. 193-194



This graded reading text for high-beginning to low-intermediate ESL/EFL students teaches high level reading skills through low level readings. Features a large number of stimulating readings on topics taken from many different disciplines.


Acknowledgements and Photo Credits. Introduction. 1. The Moon. Is There Life in Space? 2. Symbols. Pioneer. 3. Maps. Mapping the Moon. 4. The Namib Desert. What Makes a Desert? Word Families Vocabulary Exercise. 5. A History of Telling Time. Time Zones. 6. Weather Maps. Lightning. What Happens When You Sleep? 7. The Calendar. Solstice. The Harmonic Convergence. 8. The Pony Express. Stamps. Crossword Puzzle. 9. History of Money in the United States. Money of the Future. 10. Should People Marry Young? The Single Parent: One Woman's Story. 11. The Right to Die. What is it Like to Die? What Will Atomic War Be Like? 12. Memory. Studying to Remember. Hypnotism. Word Families Vocabulary Exercise. 13. The Brain. Right Brain/Left Brain. Leonardo da Vinci. 14. Computers. Computers in Space. How Does a Computer Work? 15. The Ocean Floor. The Continents. We Share the Earth. 16. The Grand Canyon. How the Colorado River Made the Grand Canyon. Volcanoes. Crossward Puzzle. Appendix 1: Timed Reading Charts. Appendix 2: Modals, Reading Numbers. Bibliography. Answers to Crossword Puzzles.

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