Public finance : theory and practice


    • Marlow, Michael L.


Public finance : theory and practice

Michael L. Marlow

(The Dryden Press series in economics)

Dryden Press, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 626-636) and index



This text provides a balanced treatment of both theory and practice for courses in public finance, public sector economics, cost-benefit analysis, public choice or public policy. Features: * Thoroughly covers both tax and expenditure topics, including extensive discussion of current scholarly research as well as recent examples. * An entire chapter on health care includes discussion of current policy issues regarding health care reform (Ch. 13). * Current and complete treatment of deficits (Chapter 17) integrates discussions of previous chapters and provides students with a lively treatment of the topic. * The entire chapter on theory and use of off-budget credit and insurance policies is unique in a public finance text. * Many boxed items examine leading current policy issues. * Extensive use of graphs shows historical and current trends. * A complete appendix on microeconomic theory makes the text useful for several levels of teaching. * Examination of major changes in income tax laws lends appreciation for past reform as well as current reform issues.


What is the Public Sector?. The Role of the Public Sector. The Policy Process. Expenditure, Credit and Insurance Programs. Financing Government Activities. The Practice of Taxation. Intergovernmental Finance.

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