The wisdom of strategic learning : the self managed learning solution


    • Cunningham, Ian


The wisdom of strategic learning : the self managed learning solution

Ian Cunningham

(McGraw-Hill developing organizations series)

McGraw-Hill, c1994

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Change means learning. The current requirements for business to change rapidly and dramaticlaly shows the need for new initiatives in strategic learning. This book offers Ian Cunningham's poneering approach - self-managed learning. This encourages the individual to devise their own learning programme which leads to greater enthusiasm and ownership of development. For the organization, it has strategic advantage in creating an committed team. This concept is backed by practical examples of application in organizations such as Shell, BBC and Allied Lyons. The author draws on the experience of hundreds of managers who have used his self managed learning approach. This text is the first volume in "The Developing Organizations" series.


Part I: Introduction.Part II: Big Picture.Strategic Learning.A Learning Business.Part III: Good Learning.Capability and Wisdom.Holism.Part IV: Self Managed Learning.Self Managed Learning - Principles.Self Managed Learning - Strategy and Design.Self Managed Learning - Tactics and Practice.Part V: Practice.Roles in Learning and Change.The Learner in Context.Conclusions and Directions.

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