East/West Database Workshop : proceedings of the Second International East/West Database Workshop, Klagenfurt, Austria, 25-28 September 1994


East/West Database Workshop : proceedings of the Second International East/West Database Workshop, Klagenfurt, Austria, 25-28 September 1994

J. Eder and L.A. Kalinichenko (eds.)

(Workshops in computing)

Springer-Verlag, c1995

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"Published in collaboration with the British Computer Society."

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This volume results from the four-day scientific Second International East/West Database Workshop which took place 25th-28th September 1994, in Klagenfurt, Austria, continuing a series of workshops started in Kiev in 1990 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science No. 504, Springer, "Next Generation Information System Technology"). The aims of this workshop are twofold: first, to provide a forum for the presentation and in-depth discussion of scientific achievements in the field of advanced databases that will effectively improve the building and use of future information systems; second, to establish and increase communication between research communities which were formerly separated and, therefore, had only rare opportunities to interact. It should establish contacts between researchers from the East and from the West to make exchange of ideas possible and to trigger collaborations. However, it is not only political borders which change their perviousness as a result of -or giving rise to -new autonomies or new possibilities for interaction and collaboration. The same happens with the borders between scientific areas, in particular in the dynamically evolving areas of computer science. Databases and programming languages are integrated in object oriented databases, database and information retrieval technology form together the basis for modern (multimedia) information systems. Furthermore, the borders between different information systems change and allow various forms of collaboration while maintaining different degrees of autonomy. Heterogeneous and distributed databases are enabling technologies for these systems.


Chimera: A Model and Language for Active DOOD Systems.- Updates by Reasoning About States.- On the Theory of Relational Data Bases with Incomplete Information.- Constraint Satisfiability in Object-Oriented Databases.- Objects Within a Conceptual Shell.- Comparison of Clustering Algorithms in a Single User Environment Through 007 Benchmark.- Security as an Add-On Quality in Persistent Object Systems.- Optimization of Object-Oriented Queries by Inverse Methods.- F-Bounded Polymorphism for Database Programming Languages.- OODBMS's Query and Programming Languages: What Do They Provide and What Do We Need.- A Meta-Language for Specification of Evolving Class and Object Lattices in OODB.- A Stack-Based Approach to Query Languages.- Identifying Internet-Related Database Research.- Integrating Text and Database Systems: Possibilities and Challenges.- Logical and Conceptual Models for the Integration of Information Retrieval and Database Systems.- Composition Models of Databases.- Could the OODB Standards be Better if More Grounded?.- Version Support for CAD/CASE Databases.- A General Framework for Database Design Strategies.- Towards Foundations of Database Schema Independent Modelling of Concepts.- Inheritance of Object Behavior - Consistent Extension of Object Life Cycles.- Visual Specification of Complex Database Actions.- The Database Specification Language Ruslan: Main Features.- Structural and Behavioral Abstractions of the Multiactivities Intended for Their Concretizations by the Pre-Existing Behaviors.- Management and Translation of Heterogeneous Database Schemes.- Federated Schemata in ODMG.- ADDS Transaction Management System.- Persistent Object Systems and Interoperability: Linguistic and Architectural Requirements.- CSCW - Paradigm of Modern Applied Informatics and Problem of East-West Relationships.- Model Based User Interface Constructor with Consistency Checking.- Author Index.

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