The writer's complete crime reference book


    • Roth, Martin


The writer's complete crime reference book

Martin Roth

Writer' s Digest Books, c1993

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Includesbibliographical references and index



The aim of this book is to highlight the great variety of interpretations of Aquinas' work that have begun to develop since the 1980's. Much of this renewal of scholarship has been conducted by specialists, and communicated only amongst them. This book aims to provide a more general scholarly English readership with access to a far greater variety of approaches to Aquinas, as a way of expanding and developing the reception of the contemporary reading of Aquinas. This book does not aim to give a coherent or exhaustive picture of current Aquinas scholarship, neither to be a reader of, nor provide a history of, Thomism. What it will do is introduce readers to widely differing (often starkly contrasting) readings of Aquinas, and provide a context and an invitation to go deeper into the scholarship from which each chapter emerges.

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