Nature as Landscape : dwelling and understanding


    • Von Maltzahn, Kraft E. (Eberhard)


Nature as Landscape : dwelling and understanding

Kraft E. von Maltzahn

McGill-Queen's Univ. Press, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [131]-143) and index



Von Maltzahn focuses on how we experience aspects of nature in terms of their outer appearance, such as landscape, and contends that the naturalistic scientific tradition has taught us to divorce ourselves from the natural world, to become impartial observers rather than participants. He examines the nature of the human life-world and describes the process of self-deception that has led to the contemporary dismissal of that life-world as merely subjective. Drawing on phenomenology, semiotics, visual thinking, gestalt psychology, and Polanyi's arguments about tacit knowing, he offers an alternative way of perceiving the natural world that would reunite humans and nature. Given the current state of the global environment, it is crucial that the debate on the relationship of human beings and nature take place on many levels.


  • The objective interpretation of nature
  • human beings and nature in the mythological world
  • the interpretation of humankind
  • the historical nature of humankind and the contemporary technological order
  • nature and culture 1
  • the biological world
  • the life-world 1
  • the life-world 2
  • visual thinking and tacit knowing
  • nature and culture 2
  • nature as landscape
  • construction of a world.

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