The American Southwest and Mesoamerica : systems of prehistoric exchange


The American Southwest and Mesoamerica : systems of prehistoric exchange

edited by Jonathon E. Ericson and Timothy G. Baugh

(Interdisciplinary contributions to archaeology)

Plenum Press, c1993

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Includes bibliographies and index



Regional approaches to the study of prehistoric exchange have generated much new knowledge about intergroup and regional interaction. The American South west and Mesoamerica: Systems of Prehistoric Exchange is the first of two volumes that seek to provide current information regarding regional exchange on a conti nental basis. From a theoretical perspective, these volumes provide important data for the comparative analysis of regional systems relative to sociopolitical organization from simple hunter-gatherers to those of complex sociopolitical entities like the state. Although individual regional exchange systems are unique for each region and time period, general patterns emerge relative to sOciopolitical organization. Of significant interest to us are the dynamic processes of change, stability, rate of growth, and collapse of regional exchange systems relative to sociopolitical complexity. These volumes provide basic data to further our under standing of prehistoric exchange systems. The volume presents our current state of knowledge about regional exchange systems in the American Southwest and Mesoamerica. Each chapter synthesizes the research findings of a number of other researchers in order to provide a synchronic view of regional interaction for a specific chronological period. A diachronic view is also prOvided for regional interaction in the context of the developments in regional SOciopolitical organization. Most authors go beyond description by proposing alternative models within which to understand regional interaction. The book is organized by geographical and chronological divisions to pro vide units of the broader mosaic of prehistoric exchange systems.


  • Introduction: Trade and Exchange in Historical Perspective
  • T.G. Baugh, J.E. Ericson. The North American Southwest: Trade Networks and Exchange Systems of the Anasazi
  • J.F. Mathien. Ceramic Perspectives on Northern Anasazi Exchange
  • E. Blinman, C.D. Wilson. The Structure and Organization of Hohokam Exchange
  • R.H. McGuire. Marine Shell Ornament Production at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua
  • R.J. Bradley. Mesoamerica: The Role of Turquoises in the Ancient Mesoamerican Trade Structure
  • P.C. Weigand, G. Harbottle. Prehistoric Exchange Relationships between Central Mexico, Oaxaca, and the Gulf Coast
  • R.S. Santley, C.A. Pool. Prehistoric Trade in the Mayan Region
  • P. McAnany. A View from the South
  • J.W. Hoopes. Comments on Prehistoric Exchange Systems in the American Southwest and Mesoamerica
  • S. Plog. Index.

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