Psychological reflections on cinematic terror : Jungian archetypes in horror films


Psychological reflections on cinematic terror : Jungian archetypes in horror films

James F. Iaccino

Praeger, 1994

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Filmography: p. [195]-202

Includes bibliographical references (p. [203]-207) and index



In this examination of the psychology of terror, Iaccino uses Jungian archetypes to analyze significant works in the horror film genre. In the past, Jungian archetypes have been used to interpret mythologies, to examine great works of literature, and to explain why sexual stereotypes persist in our society. Here, for the first time, Iaccino applies such models as the Cursed Wanderers, the Warrior Amazons, the Random Destroyers, and the Techno-Myths to highlight recurrent themes in a wide range of films, from early classics such as Nosferatu to the contemporary Nightmare on Elm Street and Alien series. With this innovative approach, Iaccino gains a new perspective on the psychology of the often powerful compulsion to be scared.


  • Preface Introduction to the Horror Archetypes Description of the Major Archetypes in the Horror Genre An Historical Perspective on the Horror Archetypes The Orphan Archetype in Horror From Psycho to The Shining: Victims of Cruel Surroundings The Cursed Wanderer Archetype in Horror
  • Vampires: The Lonely Children of the Night, Part 1 Werewolves: The Lonely Children of the Night, Part 2 The Mad Magician Archetype in Horror Frankenstein: The Alchemic "New Age" Creator The Shadow Abomination Archetype in Horror From Them to The Blob: Technologically Produced Behemoths The Changing Female Archetype in Horror From Halloween to Aliens: Outdated Martyr to New Age Warrior Avenging versus Random Destroyer Archetypes in Horror The Living Dead Trilogy and Other Tales: Horrific Parables of Destruction More Contemporary Archetypes in Horror From Dr. Phibes to Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dark Humor Shadow-Tricksters From Re-animator to Lifeforce: The Techno-Mythic Archetypes Bibliography Index

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