Somatic cell hybrids : the basics


    • Abbott, C.
    • Povey, S. (Sue)


Somatic cell hybrids : the basics

C. Abbott and S. Povey

IRL Press at Oxford University Press, 1995

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book describes the background to the construction, characterization, and use of somatic cell hybrids. Particular attention is paid to their use in human gene mapping, although other uses, for studies of gene expression for example are also covered. The increasing use of somatic cell hybrids suggests there is a real need for a full description of how to make and use these cell lines and no other book covers this field comprehensively. The background to a variety of techniques is clearly explained; the book thus provides a useful introduction to the field for undergraduates, people beginning their research careers, and established scientists who wish to make use of these techniques for the first time.


Introduction - what somatic cell hybrids are, why they are used in gene mapping, where to begin. Making somatic cell hybrids. Characterizing somatic cell hybrids. Mapping genes using somatic cell hybrids. Other uses. Modifications of the basic techniques.

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