Managing and leasing commercial properties : practice, strategies, and forms


Managing and leasing commercial properties : practice, strategies, and forms

Alan A. Alexander, Richard F. Muhlebach

(Real estate practice library)

Wiley, c1994

2nd ed

  • cloth : set : acid-free paper
  • cloth : v. 1 : acid-free paper
  • cloth : v. 2 : acid-free paper

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Rev. and consolidated ed. of the earlier works, c1990 and c1991, with the same title

Includes the following pocket supplement: 1995

Includes bibliographical references and index



This two-volume reference presents the nuts and bolts of effective day-to-day administration, including: various property management techniques; how to create and use valid and revealing marketing surveys; how to attract the right kinds of tenants; and new ways to make leases work for you. You'll discover the best ways to handle lease provisions, environmental concerns, common building areas, information management, and more. In covering all aspects of property management -- marketing, leasing, budgeting, financial reporting, etc. -- these books provide the step-by-step guidance you need to successfully handle all phases of operation.


VOLUME 1. The Property Management Company. Budgeting: Income and Expense Components. Shopping Center Management. Office Building Management. Industrial Property Management. Marketing and Leasing. VOLUME 2. Lease Negotiation. Lease Administration. Maintenance Management. Emergency Procedures. Reports to Owners. Responding to Today's Property Management Challenges. Management Administration.

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