An introduction to the regulation of the petroleum industry : laws, contracts, and conventions


An introduction to the regulation of the petroleum industry : laws, contracts, and conventions

Bernard Taverne

(International energy and resources law and policy series)

Graham & Trotman , Martinus Nihjoff, 1994

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Bibliography: p. 229-236

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This work contains a detailed analysis and description of international and regional conventions, multilateral and bilateral agreements, national laws and regulations, official statements and policy documents, licences, contracts and commercial co-operation agreements concerning the search for and exploitation of petroleum reservoirs. It analyzes regulatory activity aimed at providing rules for the orderly conduct of these operations, at maximizing the economic, strategic and fiscal benefits and at satisfying legitimate environmental concerns. This text offers a detailed and accessible analysis of these complex issues and provides essential reading for international consultants and legal professionals negotiating and devising regulatory and co-operative aspects of petroleum operations and for geologists, petroleum engineers and others in charge of petroleum ventures and joint ventures.


Part 1 General Aspects of Petroleum and the Petroleum Industry: Part 2 General Principles of Petroleum Legislation: Objectives and Structure of Petroleum Legislation. Contents of Basic Petroleum Laws and their Regulations. Licences. Contracts of Work. Petroleum Taxation. Part 3 Past and Current Petroleum Legislation: The Traditional Concessions in the Middle East. United Kingdom Legislation. Norwegian Legislation. Netherlands Legislation. Egyptian Legislation. Malaysian Legislation. Part 4 International Regulation of Offshore Petroleum Operations: The 1958 Convention on the Continental Shelf. The 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Protection of the Marine Environment. Part 5 Co-operation Agreements: Joint Operating Agreements. Farmin/Farmout Agreements. Joint Development Agreements. Part 6 Petroleum Policies of Multi-State Organizations: The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The European Union.

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