Sexual salvation : affirming women's sexual rights and pleasures


    • McCormick, Naomi B.


Sexual salvation : affirming women's sexual rights and pleasures

Naomi B. McCormick ; forewords by Elizabeth Rice Allgeier and Albert Ellis

Praeger, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [243]-278) and index



What is the nature and purpose of women's sexuality? How does women's sexuality relate to femininity, masculinity, and violence against women? What effect does sex role socialization have on women's sexual relations? To what extent have sexual behavior, expectations for intimacy, and sex research been shaped by a male-dominant society? These questions and more are addressed in Sexual Salvation, an open-minded and comprehensive celebration of cultural and sexual diversity. Relying on her 21-years' experience as a feminist sex-researcher, clinical psychologist, and college professor, the author illuminates the wide-ranging experiences women have had with sexuality and intimacy. Linking new feminist scholarship with emerging social science and therapist work, she makes contributions to understanding women's sexuality clear, logical, and appealing for a broad group of readers--women and men alike. The Cold War might be over but the Women's Sex and Culture War continues in full force. Women argue with men and each other. Politically conservative individuals argue among themselves and most of all with feminists. But feminists are far from united: one group argues persuasively that women are men's sexual victims and require additional protection; the opposing feminist group argues just as articulately that women deserve sexual autonomy, not increased restrictions under the guise of protection. Sexual Salvation, written by Naomi McCormick, a distinguished feminist sex researcher, offers relief from divisive, extremist rhetoric. In her undogmatic, meticulously researched, and beautifully written book, McCormick acknowledges the contributions of all feminists to the affirmation of women's sexual rights and pleasures. Here for the first time is a book about and for all women, not just the white, middle-class, heterosexual, able-bodied women addressed by most popular authors (including many feminists). This is an inclusive and sensitive book that touches upon the sexuality of all women: women of color, women of all sexual orientations, women of all ages, women who live with disabilities and chronic illness, poor and working class women--as well as women from socially privileged groups. More valuable still, McCormick backs up her ideas with a solid grasp of multidisciplinary scholarship. Scholars and general readers alike will find Sexual Salvation remarkable for its seamless integration of sex research and feminist and psychotherapeutic literature; and--most compelling--for its honesty.


Foreword by Elizabeth Rice Allgeier Foreword by Albert Ellis Acknowledgments The Search for Sexual Salvation Lessons in Seduction Love and Intimacy Lesbian and Bisexual Identities Women Sex Trade Workers Sexual Victimization and Pornography Woman-Affirming Models of Sexual Fulfillment Sexual Rights and Pleasures in the Next Century Bibliography Index

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