Transformation management in postcommunist countries : organizational requirements for a market economy


Transformation management in postcommunist countries : organizational requirements for a market economy

edited by Refik Culpan, Brij Nino Kumar

Quorum Books, 1995

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The book addresses the management of privatization in post-communist countries and is aimed at defining and analyzing contextual and organizational characteristics of privatization in these transitional economies to build effective business concerns that behave competitively. While privatization has recently become popular and widely used in former socialist countries, its organizational requirements have often been overlooked. The book demonstrates salient features as well as dynamic relationships among various organizational properties of privatized firms. The volume includes both conceptual foundations and practical suggestions for transformation from a command economy to a market economy from a managerial and organizational perspectives. Additionally, it includes examples of privatization in Eastern and Central Europe. It will appeal to students, policy makers, and managers of privatization in post-communist countries. This book presents an outstanding body of research on theoretical and practical aspects of the various applications of privatization in post-communist countries. A thorough analysis of strategy, structure, behavior, and process of transformation from a command to a market economy is discussed. The volume presents illustrative cases from Eastern Europe and provides a wide range of critical issues including planning, restructuring industrial organization, technology management, and human resource management based on personal experience of the authors or extensive studies on privatization in former socialist countries. It is an excellent source for further understanding the reasons for successes or failures of a variety of privatization applications.


Introduction: Transforming Enterprises in Post-Communist Countries by R. Culpan Environment and Strategy for Transformation Critical Issues of Privatization: A Managerial Perspective by Ronald Savitt Learning from Mismanagement in Polish Organizations by Alicja Kozdroj and David D. Van Fleet Structural Obstacles for Russian/American Joint Ventures by William L. Tullar Structure for Transformation Corporate Goverance in Slovenia: Transformation from Self-Management to Codetermination by Darko Deskovicz Restructuring Organization for Transformation by Michael Gaitanides and E. Bredenbreuker Merging for Transformation by Rolf-Dieter Reinecke Behavior and Personnel Development for Transformation The Transformation Process in Former Socialist Countries within "Cultural Joint Ventures"--A Human Resource Perspective by Michael E. Domsch and DesiREe H. Ladwig Training and Development for a Market Economy: The Case of Poland by Conrad J. Kasperson and Marian Dobrzynski TEMAFL: Teaching Management as a Foreign Language--Some Observations and Reflections about Management Education in Central Europe by Arieh A. Ullmann Processes for Transformation Market Entry Strategies of German Firms and Industrial Transformation in Eastern Europe by Johann Engerlard and Stefan Eckert Problems of Corporate Finance in the Transition Period: The Case of Belarus by Martin K. Welge and Dirk Holtbrugge Technological Management for Transformation by Ulrich Dorrie Illustrative Cases Private Sector Development in Poland: Cases from Service Industries by Tomasz Mroczkowski, James Sood, Maciej Grabowski, and Przemyslaw Kulawczuk Transformation Management in Czech and Slovak Republics by William R. Pendergast Epilogue: Evidence of Corporate Transformation in Post-Communist Countries: Towards a Theory of Transformation Management By B. Kumar

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