Marine propellers and propulsion


Marine propellers and propulsion

J. S. Carlton

Butterworth-Heinemann, 1994


Marine propellers & propulsion

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Cover title: Marine propellers & propulsion

Includes bibliography and index



Propulsion technology is a complex, multi-disciplinary and international subject on which a great deal of new work, both theoretical and empirical, has been reported over the past 30 years. This book is a state-of-the-art review that brings together and sets in context a great range of technical material on ships' propellers. The book comprises three main sections covering hydrodynamics; materials and mechanical considerations, and design, operation and performance. The discussion throughout relates theory to practical problems of design, analysis and operational economy. It is supported by reference to source documents and by copious design information, operational detail and tabulated data.


  • The early development of the screw propeller
  • Modern propulsion systems
  • Propeller geometry
  • The propeller environment
  • The wake field
  • Propeller performance characteristics
  • Theoretical methods-basic concepts
  • Theoretical methods - propeller theories
  • Cavitation
  • propeller noise
  • Propeller-ship interaction
  • Ship resistance and propulsion
  • Thrust augmentation devices
  • Traverse and rotable thrusters
  • Waterjet propulsion
  • Full scale trial
  • Propeller materials
  • Propeller blade strength
  • Propeller manufacture
  • Blade vibration
  • Propeller design
  • Operational problems
  • Service performance analysis
  • Propeller tolerances and inspection
  • propeller repair and maintenance
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices.

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