Spatial neglect : position papers on theory and practice


Spatial neglect : position papers on theory and practice

edited by Peter W. Halligan and John C. Marshall

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, c1994

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A special issue of Neuropsychological rehabilitation -- on t.p.



Visuospatial neglect is a frequent consequence of right brain damage. Patients with neglect seem to live in a subjective world that is skewed away from the left side. This "left neglect" which is often severe and long?standing, has deleterious effects upon everyday living and return to work. In addition, it can be very resistant to remedial efforts. The clinical significance of the condition is obvious, but why and how do these failures to notice, attend to and respond to objects and events in left space occur? The last two decades have seen an exponential increase in empirical research on neglect by behavioural neurologists and cognitive neuropsychologists. Yet we are still some way from a deep understanding of the different forms and fractionations of neglect. With this in mind, we have organised a new type of symposium. A representative sample of research groups that have shown a sustained interest in all facets of neglect was asked to produce "state-of-the-art" position statements on the topic: what is known about neglect; what is not known (or understood), and most importantly, where should maximal effort be directed in the future. The current collection of position papers (and prophesies) provides a comprehensive overview of work-in-progress on neglect that cannot be gained from any other source.


P.W. Halligan, J.C. Marshall, Current Issues in Spatial Neglect: An Editorial Introduction. A. Berti, G. Rizzollati, Is Neglect a Theoretically Coherent Unit? E. Bisiach, Dyschiria: Its Present State and Foreseeable Developments. B. Brewer, Neglect and Philosophy. J. Driver, Unilateral Neglect and Normal Attention. G. Gainotti, The Dilemma of Unilateral Spatial Neglect. G.W. Humphreys, M.J. Riddoch, From Phenomena to Models. K.M. Heilman, E. Valenstein, R. Watson, The What and the How of Neglect. S. Ishia, Unilateral Spatial Neglect. H.-O Karnath, Disturbed Co-ordinate Transformation in the Neural Representation of Space as the Crucial Mechanism in a Multi-component Model of Neglect Syndrome. M. Kinsbourne, Mechanisms of Neglect: Implications for Rehabilitation. E. Ladavas, The Role of Visual Attention in Neglect: A Dissociation Between Perceptual and Directional Motor Neglect. J.C. Marshall, P.W. Halligan, Left in the Dark: The Neglect of Theory. J.B. Mattingly, J.L. Bradshaw, How Many Neglects? Some Considerations Based on Anatomy and Information Processing. M-M. Mesulam, The Multiplicity of Neglect Phenomena. A.D. Milner, M. Harvey, Toward a Taxonomy of Spatial Neglect. M.I. Posner, Neglect and Spatial Attention. T. Robbins, Neural Substrates of Neglect: Speculations and Animal Models. I.H. Robertson, Persisting Unilateral Neglect: Compensatory Processes within Multiply-Interacting Circuits. L.C. Robertson, The Multivariate Nature of Unilateral Neglect. P. Smith, Measuring Visual Neglect. R. Tegner, Are there "Neglect Plus" Syndromes to be Indentified? G. Vallar, Left Spatial Hemineglect: An Unmanageable Explosion of Dissociations? No. R. Watt, Some Points About Human Vision and Visual Neglect. E. Weinstein, Hemineglect and Extinction. A.W. Young, Progress and Neglect.

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