The peaceful management of transboundary resources


The peaceful management of transboundary resources

editors, Gerald H. Blake ... [et al.]

(International environmental law and policy series)

Graham & Trotman/Martinus Nijhoff, 1995

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Based on the third conference of the International Boundaries Research Unit held at St. Aidan's College at Durham University from 14-7 April 1994

Includes bibliographical references and index



The apparently inexorable demand for natural resources in an increasingly overcrowded world is widely recognized as one of the most serious threats to the ecological and political stability of our planet. A large part of the problem stems from the fact that distribution of resources rarely coincides with the world's political boundaries, and thereby creates a tension between the need for effective management of resources as natural units and the desire of individual states to take full advantage of resources within their jurisdiction. The papers in this volume offer a contribution to the debate about how natural resources which cross international boundaries can be managed as effectively and peacefully as possible. Four types of resource are considered: hydrocarbons and minerals, fisheries, shared water resources, and the natural environment. Contributions from legal, diplomatic and technical experts covering a wide range of case studies from around the world examine the problems faced by governments and institutions, and suggest ways in which progress can be made in this critical area.

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