Computer support for co-operative work


Computer support for co-operative work

edited by Kathy Spurr ... [et al.]

Wiley, 1995.3, c1994

reprinted with amendments

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In recent years, globalization of the market place has presented new challenges for co-operative working. Organizations must assemble team members having varying skills and experiences, in widely dispersed locations dealing with several issues such as overall strategy, analysis, design, marketing, production and administration. CSCW represents a field of high activity in terms of new tools and technological advances. As well as descriptions of a selection of tools available in the marketplace, details of practical experience and suggestions for future development from those involved in the design, use and management of facilities for CSCW are included in this text.


  • Part 1 Overview of CSCW: the groupware market
  • the management issues of groupware
  • an architecture for developing CSCW. Part 2 Use of CSCW: workflow automation of the desktop
  • groupware in the making
  • small CSCW system design. Part 3 Human and organisation issues: concurrent engineering and CSCW - the human factor
  • the effective use of groupware in the corporate business environment. Part 4 Future issues in CSCW: the impact of distributed multimedia co-operative work
  • co-operative requirements capture - prototype evaluation. Part 5 Selected software for supporting co-operative work.

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