Electric machines and power systems


Electric machines and power systems

Syed A. Nasar

(McGraw-Hill series in electrical and computer engineering, Power and energy)

McGraw-Hill, c1995

International ed

  • v.1

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Includes index


  • v. 1. Electric machines



This text offers a practical approach to electric machines, featuring explanations of fundamental principles, examples of real-world applications, and attention to the fine details of design and operation. Many worked examples are provided, as well as hundreds of homework problems and discussions of modern topics such as power electronics, DC machines and permanent magnet machines. The chapters are organized to expand logically upon previous subjects, including enough advanced material to serve as a valuable reference tool for continuing students. This book is designed to correspond with a second volume by the same author, "Power Systems", and both may be used in conjunction or singly as self-contained texts. A final chapter on power electronics effectively links the two volumes and serves as a transition to the power systems text and course.


  • Fields, energy and forces
  • transformers
  • induction machines
  • synchronous machines
  • DC commutator machines
  • permanent magnet machines
  • power electronics. Appendices: unite conversion
  • data for pure copper wire
  • computer techniques in the analysis of electric machines
  • DC machine armature windings.

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