Bank of Scotland, 1695-1995 : a very singular institution


Bank of Scotland, 1695-1995 : a very singular institution

Alan Cameron

Mainstream Publishing, 1995


Bank of Scotland

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Shelving title: Bank of Scotland

Includes bibliographical references (p. 262) and index



The Bank of Scotland celebrates its tercentenary in 1995. This book reveals its full story, beginning in 1695 with the Bank's foundation by an Act of the Scottish Parliament - a full 12 years before the Union with England - through the industrial revolution and two World Wars, right up to the present day. This illustrated study examines how the attitudes of the Bank were shaped by men of vision and periods of tremendous change and upheaval, and explores the rivalries and mergers, the recessions and investments that have made the Bank what it is today. Underlying every aspect of the Bank's history can be seen a determination to remain Scottish and independent - principles which have been challenged many times throughout the centuries but which in 1995 remain unchanged.

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