Recent advances in temporal databases : proceedings of the International Workshop on Temporal Databases, Zurich, 17-18 September 1995


Recent advances in temporal databases : proceedings of the International Workshop on Temporal Databases, Zurich, 17-18 September 1995

James Clifford and Alexander Tuzhilin, eds

(Workshops in computing)

Springer, c1995

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"Published in collaboration with the British Computer Society."

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The International Workshop on Temporal Databases held in Zurich, Switzerland, 17-18 September 1995 brought together researchers from academic and industrial institutions with database practitioners interested in keeping up with the state-of-the-art developments in the management of temporal data. A previous workshop in Arlington, Texas in June 1993 focused on the development of an infrastructure that would spur the development of commercial implementations of many of the generally agreed-upon features of temporal database management that have emerged from the temporal database research community over more than a decade of research. This ARP AlNSF-sponsored Arlington workshop saw the formation of the TSQL2 Language Design Committee, which led to the development of the recently completed TSQL2 Language Specification, and also created a "consensus" glossary of temporal database terminology and a test suite of temporal database queries. The Zurich workshop was conceived from the outset to be universal in scope, and international in participation. The Call for Papers sought to evoke the highest quality and most up-to-date temporal database research from around the world. Mindful of the important work accomplished by the previous workshop, the Call also specifically sought out research papers and panels that would comment and build upon the widely publicized results from Arlington. These proceedings contain the papers that were selected for presentation at the International Workshop, on Temporal Databases held in Zurich, Switzerland on 17-18 September 1995.


I. Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Data Models.- Extending Temporal Relational Databases to Deal with Imprecise and Qualitative Temporal Information.- Managing Time in GIS: An Event-Oriented Approach.- Temporal Connectives Versus Explicit Timestamps in Temporal Query Languages.- II. Temporal Constraints.- Design of Temporal Relational Databases Based on Dynamic and Temporal Functional Dependencies.- "Temporal" Integrity Constraints in Temporal Databases.- Databases and Temporal Constraints: Semantics and Complexity.- III. Critical Evaluations of TSQL2.- Experience Using TSQL2 in a Natural Language Interface.- Using Temporal Constructs in Temporal Databases.- Evaluating the Completeness of TSQL2.- IV. Alternative Views on Temporal Data Models.- Time is Just Another Attribute - or at Least, Just Another Dimension.- On Temporal Grouping.- Time Series, a Neglected Issue in Temporal Database Research?.- V. Implementation Issues for Temporal DBMSs.- Access Methods for Bi-Temporal Databases.- Transaction Support in a Temporal DBMS.- On Schema Versioning in Temporal Databases.- VI. Potpourri.- A Temporal Foundation of Video Databases.- Querying Historical Data in IBM DB2 C/S DBMS Using Recursive SQL.- Composite Temporal Events in Active Databases: A Formal Semantics.- VII. Panels.- Whither TSQL3?.- The State-of-the-Art in Temporal Data Management: Perspectives from the Research and Financial Applications Communities.- Author Index.

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