Developing C++ software

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Developing C++ software

Russel Winder

Wiley, 1993

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [379]-382) and index

Description and Table of Contents


"Developing C++ Software" was devised for teaching how to produce robust, quality software written in C++. It aims to provide the knowledge for - and skills of - programming in the language by adopting a problem-solving approach. Since the first edition of this book was published, the template feature has been introduced into the language, altering quite significantly the way C++ is used. In the second edition, templates are treated as an integral feature of the language. For experienced C programmers making the transition to C++, as well as for the beginner, this book makes a welcome and comprehensive guide to the language.

Table of Contents

  • Abstraction in programming
  • the primitive data types
  • first steps in construction - expressions
  • control flow - sequence, decision making and iteration
  • functional abstraction
  • a primitive data structure
  • user-defined data types - classes
  • a form of polymorphism - overloading
  • becoming more dynamic - pointer types
  • dynamic data types
  • becoming polymorphic - generic types
  • extendible abstractions - imaging
  • files.

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