Atlas of human cross-sectional anatomy : with CT and MR images


Atlas of human cross-sectional anatomy : with CT and MR images

Donald R. Cahill, Matthew J. Orland, Gary M. Miller

Wiley-Liss, c1995

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Atlas of Human Cross-Sectional Anatomy Third EditionDonald R. Cahill, Ph.D., Matthew J. Orland, M.D., and Gary M. Miller, M.D.Since its first publication a decade ago, Atlas of Human Cross-Sectional Anatomy has become a standard reference for the interpretation of sectional images obtained with either computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. Now, this Third Edition has been substantially expanded and updated, offering entirely new sections on the major joints, as well as dozens of new images of the head obtained with the latest MR technology.This atlas presents detailed illustrations of anatomical cross-sections-- meticulously drawn and labeled-- that are matched with high-quality CT or MR images or actual photographs of cadaver sections. Orientation diagrams appear on the corner of every page and show precisely where the slice was taken as well as the direction from which the slice is being viewed.The book covers the entire body, featuring: * Transverse sections of the thorax, abdomen, and male and female pelves * Multiple views of the limbs * Sagittal, coronal, and angled orbitomeatal views of the head and neck * The spine in sagittal and axial planes * The knee and shoulder shown both coronally and sagittally Revised to reflect emerging trends in the medical imaging field as well as the latest advances in technology, Atlas of Human Cross-Sectional Anatomy, Third Edition is an important resource for anatomists, radiologists, and all practitioners who utilize CT or MR images. From reviews of the Second Edition:"Overall, the images are of a high quality in a field (particularly MRI) which is evolving continuously."-- European Journal of Nuclear Medicine"Highly recommended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of anatomy and for all medical libraries."-- Choice"The large, lucid pictures have labels that are extremely well done. The authors have skillfully used sufficient labels to identify all important structures yet few enough to avoid confusion and clutter."-- Mayo Clinic Proceedings"Overall, this is an excellent atlas, a useful resource for the general radiologist and resident in training."-- Radiology


  • The Male Thorax
  • The Male Abdomen
  • The Male Pelvis
  • The Female Pelvis
  • The Right Lower Limb
  • The Right Upper Limb with Hand in Pronation
  • The Right Knee in Sagittal Planes
  • The Left Knee in Coronal Planes
  • The Right Shoulder in Sagittal Planes
  • The Left Shoulder in Coronal Planes
  • The Head 20 Degrees from Orbitomeatal Plane
  • The Head and Neck 0 Degrees from Orbitomeatal Plane
  • The Head and Neck in Sagittal Planes
  • The Head and Neck Coronal Planes
  • The Cervical Spine in Sagittal and Axial Planes
  • The Thoracic Spine in Sagittal and Axial Planes
  • The Lumbar Spine in Sagittal, Axial and Coronal Planes.

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