Clinical ocular pharmacology


Clinical ocular pharmacology

edited by Jimmy D. Bartlett, Siret D. Jaanus

Butterworth-Heinemann, c1995

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text covers the basic pharmacology of ocular drugs and their clinical uses in primary eye care. The pharmacologial mechanisms of ocular drugs are included, but the emphasis of the book is on the practical uses of medications in the primary care of ophthalmic patients.


  • Part 1 Fundamental concepts in ocular pharmacology: pharmacotherapy of the the ophthalmic patient
  • ophthalmic drug formulations
  • ocular drug delivery
  • pharmaceutical and regulatory aspects of ocular drug administration
  • legal aspects of drug utilization. Part 2 Pharmacology of ocular drugs: local anesthestics
  • analgesics for the treatment of acute ocular pain
  • mydriatics and mydriolytics
  • cycloplegics
  • antiglaucoma drugs
  • anti-infective drugs
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • anti-allergy drugs and decongestants
  • lubricants and other preparations for the ocular surface disease
  • anti-edema drugs
  • irrigating solutions
  • dyes
  • contact lens solutions and care systems
  • adjunctive agents. Part 3 Ocular drugs in clinical practice: topical and regional anesthesia
  • dilation of the pupil
  • cycloplegic refraction
  • neuro-ophthalmic disorders
  • disease of the eyelids
  • diseases of the lacrimal system
  • diseases of the conjunctiva
  • diseases of the cornea
  • allergic eye disease
  • diseases of the scelera
  • uveitis
  • post-operative care of the cataract patient
  • diseases of the retina
  • thyroid-related eye disease
  • pharmacologic management of strabismus
  • medical management of the glaucomas. Part 4 Toxicology: drug interactions
  • ocular effects of the systemic drugs
  • life-threatening systemic emergencies.

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