Essentials of modern geology : an environmental approach


    • Thompson, Graham R.
    • Turk, Jonathan


Essentials of modern geology : an environmental approach

Graham R. Thompson, Jonathan Turk

(Saunders golden sunburst series)

Saunders College Pub., c1994

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A concise text perfect for the one-term course in physical or combined physical/historical geology. A motivating and engaging writing style presents geological topics integrated with contemporary environmental issues. Tectonics is covered early in the text making later chapters on earth-quakes, ocean floor geology, mountains and landscapes more understandable and meaningful. The book employs useful pedagogic tools such as "Focus On" boxes for highlighting additional information and "Geology & the Environment" boxes that reinforce geological topics by relating them to current environmental issues. Features: * Excellent up-to-date survey of geological issues with consistent emphasis on the environment as it relates to geology. "Geology and the Environment" boxes are unique, including high-interest topics such as radon pollution or asbestos and cancer. * Three complete chapters (15, 16, 17) cover historical geology including coverage of origin of life and dinosaurs. * Exceptional art program by renowned scientific illustrator, George Kelvin. * "Interview" with Joh Horner examines his research and theories to provide unique perspective on geology as a profession. * Additional learning tools include Memory Devices that help students remember key terms by highlighting word roots or offering pnemonic devices that support learning.


Geology: The Earth's Origin. Minerals. Rocks. Plate Tectonics. Earthquakes and the Earth's Sturcture. Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes and Plutons. The Geology of the Ocean Floor. Mountains and Geologic Structures. Weathering, Soil and Erosion. Steams. Ground Water. Glaciers. Deserts. Coastlines. Geologic Time and Fossils. Precambrian and Paleozoic Time: From the Earth's Formation to 245 Million Years Ago. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Time: 245 Million Years Ago Through the Present. Appendices.

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