Care and community in modern society : passing on the tradition of service to future generations


Care and community in modern society : passing on the tradition of service to future generations

[Paul G. Schervish, Virginia A. Hodgkinson, Margaret Gates, [editors] and Associates]

(Jossey-Bass nonprofit sector series)

Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1995

1st ed

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Amitai Etzioni's communitarian movement, Lappe's "The Quickening of America" , and a flurry of other activities indicate a new interest in building connections and communities. This edited collection builds on that interest by exploring how individuals become involved and dedicated to caring for others, and the role such care plays in undergirding our civic, ethical, and spiritual traditions.


Introduction: Gentle as Doves and Wise as Serpents: The Philosophy of Care and the Sociology of Transmission Part One: The Role of Family and Community in Transmitting the Tradition of Care 1. Key Factors Influencing Caring, Involvement, and Community(Virginia A. Hodgkinson) 2. How People Learn to Care(Ervin Staub) 3. Children of the Left: Sharing Values Across Generations(Martin Halpern) 4. Passing It On: The Transmission of Wealth and Financial Care(Paul G. Schervish) Part Two: Children as Givers and Receivers of Care 5. Children as Philantrhopists: The Younger, the Better(Sylvia Blitzer Golombek) 6. Children as Volunteers: Learning by Doing(Virginia A. Walter) 7. The Effect of Boys and Girls Clubs on Promoting Caring in Public Housing(Steven Schinke, Roxanne Spillett) Part Three: Civic and Religious Traditions of Care 8. A History of Leadership Education in the United States(Peter Dobkin Hall) 9. The Role of Free Loan Association in Jewish Communities(Eliezer David Jaffe) 10. Islamic Nonprofit Organizations: In the Process of Promoting a Caring Society(Amani Kandil) 11. The Catholic Ethic and the Protestant Ethic(John E. Tropman) Part Four: Social and Political Environments of Care 12. How Institutions Shape a Caring Society(Emmet D. Carson) 13. Strengthening the Democratic Process(Michael K. Briand, Jennifer Alstad) 14. Corporate Concern for Racial and Ethnic Populations(Steven L. Paprocki, Robert O. Bothwell) 15. Improving Welfare: The Public Role in Caring for Poor Families with Children(Heidi Hartmann, Roberta Splater-Roth) 16. Caring Sector or Caring Society: Discovering the Nonprofit Sector Cross-Nationally(Lester M. Salamon, Helmut K. Anheier) Part Five: Mobilizing Care Through Mutual Self-Interest 17. The Role of Self-Help Groups in Fostering a Caring Society(Thomasina Borkman, Maria Parisi) 18. How Volunteers Help Bosnian Refugees in Slovenia(Anica Mikus Kos) 19. The Activist and the Alienated: Participation TrAnds in Community Service(John Bell) 20. Fragmentation in America's Nonprofit Sector(Julian Wolpert) Conclusion: Reflections on Caring and Community.

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