Living Islam : from Samarkand to Stornoway


    • Ahmed, Akbar S.


Living Islam : from Samarkand to Stornoway

Akbar S. Ahmed

(Penguin books)

Penuin, 1995

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First published by BBC Books, 1993

Includes bibliographical references and index



An examination of Islam, its history, culture and values. It discusses the conflict between Islam and Western ideologies, and the problems that Muslims face in the modern world. The pressures and practices of Muslims living as minorities in India, Israel, America and Britain are explored.


  • Part 1 Introduction - raising questions: Islam and the West
  • locating the key to unlock Muslim society
  • misunderstanding Muslims
  • questions for our age. Part 2 What is Islam?: the messenger - the prophet of Islam
  • the message - the holy Quran
  • Sunni and Shia divisions in Islam
  • Sufism - the Muslim universal way. Part 3 The challenge of the past - empires and dynasties: early Muslim history - the great Arab dynasties
  • the ideal model of European society - Muslim Spain
  • The Ottomans (1300-1922)
  • The Safavids (1501-1722)
  • The Mughals (1526-1857). Part 4 When the worlds collide - Muslim nations and Western modernity: the dilemmas of modern Turkey
  • Iran's Islamic quest
  • India and the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • issues in modernity - democracy, family and identity. Part 5 Muslims as minorities: the "problem" of Muslim minorities
  • Muslims in the West
  • Stornoway - Muslims of the Outer Hebrides
  • the golden road to Samarkland - Islam's forgotten frontier in Central Asia
  • the Muslims of India - a people in search of a destiny. Part 6 Islam in the age of the Western media: Islam and the West - confrontation or consensus?
  • concluding thoughts.

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