Simulation-based reliability assessment for structural engineers


    • Marek, Pavel
    • Guštar, Milan
    • Anagnos, Thalia


Simulation-based reliability assessment for structural engineers

Pavel Marek, Milan Guštar, Thalia Anagnos

(New directions in civil engineering)

CRC Press, c1996

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"Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment for Structural Engineers" provides an overview of the basic concepts in structural reliability and introduces an alternative based on direct Monte Carlo simulation technique, on parameter-generated histograms, and on available personal computers. This approach is a powerful tool that allows the reader (in accordance with the Limit States Design philosophy) to explore the effect of variables and uncertainty of design decisions. This new book also discusses single- and multi-component load effects and explores combinations of such effects. Limiting values are defined and applied to reliability assessments with respect to carrying capacity and serviceability states. Examples that clearly illustrate the application of simulation techniques are provided, and the tremendous potential of these techniques for use in design is reviewed. Also included are carefully selected examples that allow the reader to compare the deterministic Allowable Stress Design (ASD), the semi-probabilistic Partial Factors Design (LRFD) and the probabilistic Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment (SBRA) concept. "Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment for Structural Engineers" includes a computer diskette that contains five user-friendly computer programmes (M-star, AntHill, ResCom, LoadCom, and DamAc) capable of calculating load effect combinations, resistance of structural components, and probability of failure. The use of these programmes is demonstrated in 200 well-designed and realistic examples that clearly identify the range of problems to which simulation-based reliability assessments can be applied.


Preface Introduction to Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment Variables and the Monte Carlo Method Loading Transformation Models Response of the Structure to Loading Limiting Values Reliability Assessment Carrying Capacity Serviceability Selected Studies Special Design Situations and Conditions Comparison of ASD, LRFD, and SBRA Five Computer Programs: M-Star, AntHill, ResCom, LoadCom, and DamAc Appendices: Sample Histograms and Software Manuals

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