Prehistoric exchange systems in North America


Prehistoric exchange systems in North America

edited by Timothy G. Baugh and Jonathon E. Ericson

(Interdisciplinary contributions to archaeology)

Plenum Press, c1994

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In this unique volume, archaeologists examine the changing economic structure of trade in North America over a period of 6,000 years. Organined by geographical and chronological divisions, each chapter focuses on trade in one of nine regions from the Arachiac through the late prehistoric period. Each contribution explores neighboring areas to llustrate the complexity of North American exchange. By charting the econmic structure of these regions, archaeologists, economic anthropologists, and economic geographers gain greater insight into the dynamics of North American trade and exchange on a continental wide basis.


  • Introduction: Systematics of Prehistoric Regional Exchange in North America
  • J.E. Ericson, T.G. Baugh. Eastern North America: Evidence for Prehistoric Exchange on the Maritime Peninsula
  • B.J. Bourque. The Prehistoric Transplantation of Goods in the St. Lawrence River Basin
  • J.V. Wright. Prehistoric Exchange in the Southeast
  • J.K. Johnston. Empirical Characterization of Exchange Systems in Lower Mississippi Valley Prehistory
  • J.L. Gibson. Prehistoric Exchange Systems in the Lower Mississippi Valley
  • R.H. Lafferty III. Trade and Exchange in the Midwestern United States
  • D.S. Brose. The North American West: Prehistoric Plains Trade
  • S.C. Vehik, T.G. Baugh.v Mosaic Patterning in Prehistoric California-Great Basin Exchange
  • R.E. Hughes. Prehistoric Exchange Systems in California
  • T.L. Jacson, J.E. Ericson. Conclusion: Positioning Exchange in the Evolution of Human Society
  • T.K. Earle. 3 additional articles. Index.

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