Postmodern feminist readings of Woolf, West, and Barnes


Postmodern feminist readings of Woolf, West, and Barnes

Bonnie Kime Scott

(Refiguring modernism / Bonnie Kime Scott, v. 2)

Indiana University Press, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [197]-208) and index



In volume two of her revisionist study of modernism, Bonnie Kime Scott draws on close analysis of the strategic writing processes of Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, and Djuna Barnes to show how each writer negotiated modernist questions of enduring importance to postmodern readers. WoolfOs rapture with language, BarnesOs bestiaries, and WestOs polemicism help us address questions of logocentrism, essentialism, and the prevalence of binary logic in Western thought. The positioning of Woolf with two other female modernists provides a network of comparison that has been denied in her solo admission to the male canon. Scott closes with a consideration of othe ends of modernism,O assessing the volatile politics of 1939. While many celebrated male modernists flirted with fascism or tried to shore up against ruin, Woolf, West, and Barnes exposed the fragility of cultural scaffoldings and pointed to the mental resources needed for cultural renewal.


Acknowledgments Abbreviations Introduction: Feminist/Modernist Attachments 1. WoolfOs Rapture With Language 2. BarnesO Beasts Turning Human 3. WestOs Sense of Scaffolding 4. 1939 And The Ends OF Modernism Notes Bibliography Index

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