Everyday and exotic pottery from Europe, c. 650-1900 : studies in honour of John G. Hurst



Everyday and exotic pottery from Europe, c. 650-1900 : studies in honour of John G. Hurst

edited by David Gaimster and Mark Redknap

Oxbow Books, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references



This collection of papers is presented to John G. Hurst as a tribute from friends and associates on behalf of the Medieval Pottery Research Group, in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of medieval and later ceramics, and his guidance and encouragement of many researchers.


  • Ipswich Ware from York (A Mainman), The establishment of a medieval pottery sequence in Cumbria (M R McCarthy, C M Brooks), Humberware: the development of a late medieval pottery tradition (C Mayfield), Post-medievaI brick spit-supports or stands found in Wales (M Redknap), The use of seals as decoration on medieval pottery and bronze vessels (I Cherry), A ceramic fish trap (S Jennings), English Pottery in Hedey (H Ludtke), An English lady in Flanders: reflections on a head in Scarborough ware (B Hillwaert), ... many reduced wares have not been recognised (N Mac-pherson-Gratit), Marks on butterpots (G Egan), Sixteenth-century pottery from Acton Court, Avon (A Vince, R Bt,ll), The relocation of 12th-century Ribe (P K Madsen), Late medieval face-pots from central Europe (H-G Stephan), Ceramic horns (J le Patourel), Light in the darkness: a ceramic lantern (F Vrehaeghe), Archaic Pisan Maiolica and related Italian wares in Southampton (R G Thomson, D. H. Brown), A survey of late medieval and early post-medieval Iberian pottery from Ireland (R Meenam), A highly decorated equestrian roof-finial from Edinburgh (G Haggarty, C Murray), Spanish lustreware imported into England (A Ray), The Earliest Valentian Lutreware? The provenance of the pottery from Pula in Sardinia (H Blake, M Hughes, T Mannoni, F Porcella), A seventeenth-century pottery group from the Kitto Institute, Plymouth (I Allan, I Barber, D Higgins), Ceramic changes in the Western European littoral at the end of the Middle Ages (K I Barton), Post-medieval triangular crucibles (I P Cotter)
  • Terra Sigillata from Estremoz, Portugal (I M Baart), Dutch clay tobacco pipes from Scotland (P Davey), ceramic culinary moulds (B Nenk, M I Hughes), Handles with face-masks (D R M Gaimster, F Verhaeghe, M I Hughes), Imported pottery in the Book of Rates, 16th and 17th centuries (D Hasekrove), An ornithomorphic aquamanile, from Gistel, western Flanders (S Vandenberghe), Pots and potters in Rotterdam (A Ruempol), Four 16th-century redware spit-supports from 's-Hertogenbosch (H L Janssen, E Nijhof), The earliest dated English Delftware? (H Tait), A Palissy-type vessel from Blackfriars, London (L Blackmore).

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