Advances in databases and information systems : proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBISʾ95), Moscow, 27-30 June 1995


Advances in databases and information systems : proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBISʾ95), Moscow, 27-30 June 1995

Johann Eder and Leonid A. Kalinichenko (eds.)

(Workshops in computing)

Springer Verlag, c1996

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"Published in collaboration with the British Computer Society."

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This volume results from the regular sessions of the Second International Workshop of the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter "Advances in Databases and Information Systems" (ADBIS'95) that took place 27th-30th June 1995, in Moscow, Russia. ADBIS'95 continues a series of annual Workshops on Advances in Databases and Information Systems organized by the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter in cooperation with the Russian Founda tion for Basic Research. Past successful ADBIS conferences include the ADBIS'93 and ADBIS'94 Workshops that took place in Moscow. The aims of these workshops are to provide a forum for the presentation and in-depth discussion of advanced research directions that will effectively improve the building and use of future information systems and to increase communication between the Eastern and Western research communities which were formerly separated and still have only rare possibilities to interact. Improving of the contacts and exchange of ideas between researchers from the East and from the West will eventually lead to better collaboration between them. The ADBIS'95 Call for Submissions attracted 60 submissions from 15 countries of which 35 submissions were accepted for presentation at the regular sessions, 9 as posters, and 7 as presentations for a special session for the Information Systems for Science. This volume contains the papers presented in the regular sessions.


Information Systems Design.- Towards Integrated Computer Aided Systems and Software Engineering Tool for Information Systems Design.- Composition Approach to Systematic Development of Database Systems.- Transaction Management.- Optimistic Concurrency Control Algorithm with Dynamic Serialization Adjustment for Firm Deadline Real-Time Database Systems.- ARIES/NT Modification for Advanced Transactions Support.- Queries and Optimization.- Semantic Optimization of Queries in Deductive Object-Oriented Database.- On Efficient Query Evaluation in Multidatabase Systems.- Relaxation of Correctness in Database Systems.- Data Model Mapping.- Transforming an Entity-Relationship Schema into Object-Oriented Database Schemas.- Object Oriented Markup Language and Restructuring Hierarchical Database Objects.- Transforming Conceptual ER Schema into Object-Oriented Databases.- Logic and Databases.- Model-Theoretical and Deductive Approaches to Databases from the Point of View of Algebraic Logic and Geometry.- View Definitions with Parameters.- Magic Sets vs. SLD-Resolution.- Object Models and Systems.- Type Inferencing Based on Complete Type Specifications.- Specialization and Generalization in an Object Oriented Database.- A Preprocessor Approach to Persistent C++.- Linguistic Components, Knowledge Discovery.- Cooperative Recognition of Interdatabase Dependencies.- Inductive Reasoning Using Thesaurus.- Storage Systems and Recovery.- Towards a Realistic Model of Indices in Object Bases.- Spatial Joins and R-Trees.- The MaStA I/O Cost Model and its Validation Strategy.- Heterogeneous Environments, Federated Architectures.- Integration and Handling of Hypermedia Information as a Challenge for Multimedia and Federated Database Systems.- Ontology Specification and Integration Facilities in a Semantic Interoperation Framework.- Formal Modeling.- HM Data Model and Its Formal Definition.- Relational Databases Equivalence Problem.- Objects and Category-Based Approach.- Object-Oriented Solutions.- Prototyping a Categorical Database in P/FDM.- Information Systems Modeling.- A Deductive Object-Oriented Approach to Information System Modeling.- Concept: A Language for Conceptual Modelling.- Author Index.

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