Energy, environment, and the economy : Asian perspectives


Energy, environment, and the economy : Asian perspectives

edited by Paul R. Kleindorfer, Howard C. Kunreuther, David S. Hong

(New horizons in environmental economics)

Edward Elgar, c1996

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Selected papers from the international conference held in Taipei, Taiwan, R.C.C. from August 22-25, 1994, and organized by the Wharton Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes at the University of Pennsylvania and by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER)

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Asian nations increasingly have to balance energy needs with environmental impacts and economic growth. These critical issues for the development of Asian nations and the quality of life of their citizens are extensively addressed in this major new volume which focuses on research and policy perspectives. A distinguished group of researchers from Asia, Europe and North America, focuses on Asian initiatives on global and regional environmental problems, the impact of energy and environment on development and international trade in Asia, the problems associated with siting major energy facilities, the Asian green movement and public reaction to environmental degradation, and the role of communities in achieving a balance between energy, environment and economics. Researchers and policymakers, public policy and management researchers and environmentalists will welcome this important book which addresses the key issue of balancing the conflicting objectives of energy planning, environmental management and economic development.


Contents: Preface Part I: Energy and Environment in International Perspective Part II: Balancing Economic Development and Environment Part III: The Public: Client or Decision-Maker? Part IV: Industry: Partner or Culprit? Index

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